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Auxiliary Thermal Oil Heaters

22 Apr

Auxiliary Thermal Oil Heaters

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Thermal oil heaters for liquid and gasous fuels in capacities up to 30 MW/unit depending on application and temperatures from -100°C up to 450°C in horizontal or vertical design for heating of industrial processes and procedures.

Technical Data

Capacities/ temperatures Up to 30 MW/unit depending on application and temperatures from -100°C up to 450°C
Heat carriers All mineral and organic heat transfer medias, eutectic mixtures, liquid salts and liquid metals
Fuels Liquid fuels: Heavy oil, middle weight oil, diesel oil and Liquid production residues
Gaseous fuels: Natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, gas torch and gaseous production residues
Mixed combustion of oil and gas: simultaneous and /or optional use of different fuels
Options Insulated radiation part for deodorizing or thermal oxidation of contaminated waste gases Automatic fire-extinguishing system Available in ex-protected design or special materials and in special construction

 Areas of application for example:

We are engaged in four main business activities:

general industry
we are engaged in the design, fabrication, and installation of processing plant for general industry such as: pharmaceutical,food & beverages,chemicals,hotels,automotives,
waste water treatment plant,etc.Design, Fabrication, and Installation of processing plants for general industry such as: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Chemicals, Hotels, Automotives, Waste Water Treatment Plants, etc.
oil & gas industry
Design and Fabrication of Oil and Gas Processing Plants and Systems, Petrochemical, and Industrial Heating Equipment.
Agro Industry
Design, Fabrication and Installation of Processing Machineries in the Tea, Palm Oil, Rubber, Wood, Cocoa and other Agriculture Industries.
  • Food industry: Indirect heating of deep fryers with simultaneous combustion of exhaust steam baking lines, kettles, spray towers, dryers for production of milk powder, lipolysis, pasteurization
  • Building materials industry: Heating of steel forming, drying, pressing for the production of bricks
  • Chemical industry: Heating of reactors, monitoring and tank heater
  • Iron and steel industry: Media preheating, use of waste heat for district heating
  • Textile industry: Heating of tenter, dryers, washing machines, ribbons, calenders, coating equipment


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