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Heat recovery systems for solid fuels

24 Apr

Heat recovery systems for solid fuels

Heat recovery systems for gases and liquids in capacity ranges up to 10 MW
depending on application and temperatures up to 400 °C. Special designed for surface cleaning system „thermal“.

To generate energy from solid fuels two main components are always necessary. First of all, the firing plant to burn solid fuels to generate hot exhaust gasses. The second component is the heat recovery system to recuperate the thermal energy from the hot exhaust gases and to transport it to the heat consumers.

When burning fuel oil or gas, controlling the combustion process is straight forward in controls of the combustion air supply. This ensures a complete and clean combustion without the help of additional equipment. The flue gas is clean and therefore the heating surfaces will remain free from deposits and the demands on the heater are relatively low.

heat recovery systems suited for solid renewable biomass fuels require much more efforts. These fuels are often very wet. Depending on their origin, the characteristics may vary and they often contain sand or soil. This is why modern biomass firing plants are very complex and require sophisticated controls and adequate refractory lining, acting as heat buffer, in order to ensure a complete combustion. Ashes and contaminations require the installation of filters in order to prevent pollution of the environment.

Complex combustion systems, and the danger of deposits and ashes on the heating surfaces, increase the demands on the heat recovery system considerably. This is why heat recovery systems for modern, sustainable, biomass firing systems must have excellent qualities. The state-of-the-art thermal 2-pass heat recovery systems were designed and developed to meet these demands and offer decisive advantages. To guarantee a trouble-free operation without interruptions they are equipped with the highly efficient and economic heat surface cleaning system for waste heat boiler “thermal4”.


  • Lid sealing between the two passes is not required – temperature problems of exhaust gas are therefore no longer possible.
  • The flue gas temperature in the lower deflection chamber corresponds to the gas outlet temperature and is monitored.
  • Reduced pressure losses on the gas and liquid side reduce the energy consumption of pumps and blowers.
  • A low construction height saves costs.
  • The cleaning is done only from above, the complexity of the air installation is significantly reduced.
  • The boiler shell is cooled by the outside fitting tube coil. Thus, an overheating by soiled heating surfaces is excluded.
  • A large-scale ashpit in the lower deflection chamber of vertical heaters reduces the cleaning effort.
  • At hanging heaters, which can be equipped with an automatic ash removing system. If required, a generous ash collection chamber reduces the ash mass flow through the second pass and prevents the heating surface from damage.

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