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jual control burner LMG22-LMG21

24 Mar

jual control burner LMG22-LMG21

We are engaged in various brands combustion machine and accessories.Main brands haveSIEMENS, Italy RIELLO, BALTUR, Honeywell, MIDO, Krom-Schroder, azbil, BRAHMA, Dungs, DANFOSS, Steinen, etc.

Burner accessories: due to the diversification of burner type, burner accessories also showed a trend of diversification, electromagnetic valve, filter, oil filter, nozzle, pump, valve, relief valve, pressure switch, actuator, valve actuators, servo motors, light tube, the ignition transformer, controller, electric eye, the wind leaf, combustion cylinder, booster, throttle, actuators, silicon carbide burner set and so on many products belong to this category.


We have many models in stock . If you cant find what you need, Please feel free to contact us!

Siemens program controller LMG21.230 B27, LMG21.330 B27,

Siemens program controller LMG22.230 B27, LMG22.330 B27,

Siemens program controller LMG22.233 B27,

LMG21.230 B27, LMG21.330 B27, LMG22.230 B27, LMG22.330 B27, LMG22.233 B27,

LMG21.230 A27, LMG21.330 A27, LMG22.230 A27, LMG22.330 A27, LMG22.233 A27,

LMG21.230 A2BT, LMG22.330 B2BT, LMG21.230 A2EM, LMG22.330 B2EM.

LMG…The fuel gas combustion controller

Based on microprocessor control single or double period of gas or gas/oil intermittent operation of small (less than 350 kw) burner.Have a remote reset, low voltage monitoring, air pressure test, control functions such as fault code instructions.

Burner controls of the LMG… range are used for the startup and supervision of singleor 2-stage gas or gas / oil burners in intermittent operation. The flame is supervised with an ionisation probe or UV flame detector QRA… (with ancillary unit AGQ2…A27).

LMG21… / LMG22… in the same housing replace burner controls LGB21… / LGB22…(refer to Type summary) and, using the adapters, burner controls LFI7… and LFM1…(refer to Ordering).

· Detection of undervoltages

· Air pressure supervision with functional test of air pressure monitor during startup and operation

· Electrical remote reset

· Display of error code and flame signal by LEDs in the lockout reset button

· Accurate program sequence owing to the digital processing of signals

· LMG49… for atmospheric gas burners


About Packaging:

LFL1.322 is a big package, 10 QRA2 is a packaging, 50 LMO14 and LME11 and LGB21 and LMO44 and LME21.430 C2BT is only 25 a plate, please understand retail these items without the original packaging,like below:


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