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jual control burner siement LOA24

24 Mar

jual control burner siement LOA24

Product description:
Classic Enterprises, Mumbai offer oil and gas monobloc burners and spare parts.
Siemens Burner Sequence controllers offer fully integrated control in a single module, saving valuable floor space over non-integrated systems which is part of Burner Management Systems. There are various models available with different specifications for various applications Oil Burner Controllers Siemens burner controller Model: LOA24.171B27suitable for following make oil burners Ar-co, Bentone, Blowtherm, De Unigas, Ecoflam, Riello, Baltur, Sokook, Weishaupt etc.

  • LOA24
  • LOA44
  • LMO14
  • LMO24
  • LMO44
  • LAL1.25
  • LAL2.25
  • LAL3.25
  • LGB21
  • LGB22
  • LMG21
  • LMG22
  • LGK16
  • LAE1
  • LFE1
  • LEC1
  • LGI16
  • LME21.230 C2
  • LME22.230 C2
  • LGB21.230
  • LGB22.330
  • LMG25
  • LFE10
  • LME11.220
  • LFL1.322
  • LFL1.333
  • LFL1.355
  • LFL1.165


  About us

Classic Enterprises is a reliable and reputed local source for genuine imported Burner Accessories and Spare Parts. Identifying the correct technical need, sourcing the right products and supplying them on time at the most economical cost, is our strength. We achieve this by placing strong emphasis on accurate planning, co-ordination and inventory management.

We stock wide range of products for Burners, Boilers, Furnaces, Ovens, Heat Exchangers, Dryers, Incinerators, Kilns, Thermo packs, Thermic Fluid Heaters. Our product range includes Burner Sequence Controllers, Flame Detectors, Flame Scanners Relays, Damper Actuators Servo Motor, Oil Burner Spray Nozzles, Burner Ignition Transformers, Burner Fuel Pump, Ignition Cables & Accessories, Ignition Electrodes, Ionization Probe, Combistats Temperature Measuring Instrument, Solenoid Valves, Pressure Switches, Multiblocks, Gas Train, Electro Hydraulic Actuators, Oil & Gas Filters, Boiler Spares, Burner Spares, Oil Burners and Gas BurnersOur international tie-ups include renowned names like Landis & GYR (Siemens), Suntec, Petercem, Stork, Monarch, Honeywell, Satronic, Dungs, FIDA, Brahma, Cofi, Danfoss, Guiliani Anello etc.

Any Heating Equipment, Indian or Imported, with our comprehensive product range and nation-wide sales network. We can deliver you the right spare at the right time. We offer spares needed for equipment of Indian manufacturers like Thermax and also for European manufacturers such as Bentone, Weishaupt, Ecoflame, Riello, Cuenod, Elco, NBP, Nuway, Oilon, Saacke, Baltur, CIB Unigas, Dunphy, Eclipse, Maxon etc.

Our Contact

Jl.Dewi Sartika No.01, Kampung Jeger RT/RW.009/002 Desa Lebakwangi, Kec. Sepatan Timur, Tangerang – Banten 15520RATMAN (Sales Engineer)
Phone : 021-222-59 400
Fax : 021-593-71-687
Mobile : 0813-88-666-204 (WA)
Mobile : 087-808-344-829
Email : [email protected]
Email : [email protected]

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