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Jual Eaton – contactors

25 Mar

Jual Eaton – contactors

XT Series

XT Series (IEC)

Eaton’s space saving and easy-to-install XT line of IEC contactors and starters is the efficient and effective solution for customer applications from 7–2000A. XT IEC Contactors meet IEC, UL, CSA, CCC and CE standards and is the perfect product solution for applications all over the world.


XT DC contactors

XT DC contactors range from 300-600 A, and can be used in a variety of applications.

XTSE Safety Contactors thumb

XTSE Safety Contactors

Eaton’s XTSE contactors provide enhanced protections for motor control applications. Designed with safety on the forefront, the XTSE contactors not only achieve the highest levels of circuit safety, but also provide additional protections for end-user safety.

Freedom Series

Freedom Series (NEMA)

Eaton’s Freedom Series contactors and starters feature a compact, space-saving design using state-of-the-art technology and the latest in high strength, impact and temperature resistant insulating materials. They meet or exceed NEMA and other international standards and listings.+ Expand List

A200 Series

A200 Series (NEMA)

A200 Series Magnetic Starters are used for full-voltage, across-the-line starting and stopping of squirrel cage motors. They can be operated locally or remotely by either manual or automatic pilot devices. These starters are available in a wide range from NEMA size 00 through NEMA size 9.

Definite Purpose

Definite Purpose Contactors and Starters

Definite Purpose Starters are suitable for a wide range low-cycle duty applications requiring low cost switching of single- and three-phase loads. They combine the features and flexibility of definite purpose contactors and Freedom Series overload relays, mounted on a common mounting plate.

Lighting Contactors thumb

Lighting Contactors

Eaton’s wide selection of mechanically, electrically, and magnetically held contactors provide a bright solution for every lighting application. These devices are typically used in places such as hospitals, office buildings, industrial plants, airports, stadiums, and more.


Vacuum Contactors and Starters

Vacuum Starters are designed for starting and controlling three-phase, 50/60 Hz, AC motors. Each contact is enclosed in a vacuum bottle to reduce and contain contact arcing. They are frequently used when motors are in continuous, heavy-duty cycling application where contact life is critical.

Mill Control Products

DC Contactors

Eaton offers several lines of DC contactors for use in mill applications, moving equipment and general-purpose applications.

Electronic Motor Starter (thumbnail)

Electronic Motor Starter

The Electronic Motor Starter is a solid state contactor mated with built-in overload protection in a compact package. It comes with optional reversing and e-stop functions to provide superior space savings and ease of installation.

Our Market

We are engaged in four main business activities:

general industry
we are engaged in the design, fabrication, and installation of processing plant for general industry such as: pharmaceutical,food & beverages,chemicals,hotels,automotives,
waste water treatment plant,etc.Design, Fabrication, and Installation of processing plants for general industry such as: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Chemicals, Hotels, Automotives, Waste Water Treatment Plants, etc.
oil & gas industry
Design and Fabrication of Oil and Gas Processing Plants and Systems, Petrochemical, and Industrial Heating Equipment.
Agro Industry
Design, Fabrication and Installation of Processing Machineries in the Tea, Palm Oil, Rubber, Wood, Cocoa and other Agriculture Industries.

Our Contact

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Phone : 021-222-59 400
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