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Jual Multibloc Dungs Pressure Switch

25 Mar

Jual Multibloc Dungs Pressure Switch

Dungs Multibloc Dungs Pressure Switch 

We have earned ourselves as prominent enterprise tag by supplying and trading superior quality Dungs Multiblock. Our offered multiblocks are used in various burning applications due to their effectiveness in modulating pressure as per heating requirements. Equipped with optional ratio regulation, these are designed and fabricated by highly renowned vendor. Moreover, available with us in varied designs, these are supplied to customers at nominal price tags. 


  • Stainless steel structure
  • Superior finishing
  • Easy to install and maintain

Dungs Make Single Stage Multi block:
Dungs Multiblock MVD 203/5Dungs Multiblock MVD 203/2Dungs Multiblock MVD 205/5Dungs Multiblock MVD 207/5Dungs Multiblock MVD 210/5Dungs Multiblock MVD 215/5Dungs Multiblock MVD 220/5Dungs Multiblock MVD 225/5Dungs Multiblock MVDLE 205/5Dungs Multiblock MVDLE 207/5Dungs Multiblock MVDLE 210/5Dungs Multiblock MVDLE 215/5Dungs Multiblock MVDLE 220/5Dungs Multiblock MVDLE 225/5Dungs Multiblock MVDELE 503/5Dungs Multiblock MVDELE 505/5Dungs Multiblock MVDELE 507/5Dungs Multiblock MVDELE 510/5Dungs Multiblock MVDELE 215/5
Dungs Make Double Stage Multi block:
Dungs Multiblock MB-DLE 403Dungs Multiblock MB-DLE 405Dungs Multiblock MB-DLE 407Dungs Multiblock MB-DLE 412Dungs Multiblock MBZRDLE 405Dungs Multiblock MBZRDLE 407Dungs Multiblock MBZRDLE 410Dungs Multiblock MBZRDLE 412
Dungs Multiblock DMVD Series:
Dungs Multiblock DMV-D 503/11Dungs Multiblock DMV-D 507/11Dungs Multiblock DMV-D 512/11Dungs Multiblock DMV-D 515/11Dungs Multiblock DMV-D 520/11Dungs Multiblock DMV-D 525/11Dungs Multiblock DMV-D 540/11
Dungs Solenoid Coil Modal:
Dungs Solenoid Coil MN 2125Dungs Solenoid Coil MN 2125/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MN 2150Dungs Solenoid Coil MN 2150/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MN 2200Dungs Solenoid Coil MN 5125/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MN 5150/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MN 2025/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MVD 203/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MVD 2065/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MVD 4040/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MVD 405/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MVD 407/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MVD 410/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MVD 415/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MVD 420/5Dungs Solenoid Coil MVD 505/5

Additional Information:

Item Code: 153

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

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Dungs Make Gas Pressure Switches

Dungs is a commoun name in Oil & Gas Combustion Industry. Dungs is a synonym for safe and clean gas combustion. Our gas safety and control technology strengthens our partners and is our particular pride.

We keeps the following products of Dungs make Gas prassure switch in our ready stock:

  • Dungs GGW Group
  • Dungs GGW A4/2 X
  • Dungs GW 150 A2 SGV
  • Dungs GW 2000 A4/2 HP SGS
  • Dungs GW 6000 A4
  • Dungs GW A2 mit MBs soft
  • Dungs GW A3
  • Dungs GW A5
  • Dungs GW A6
  • Dungs KS C2
  • Dungs LGW 3 A2 SGN
  • Dungs LGW 150 A4 SGV
  • Dungs LGW A1
  • Dungs LGW A2
  • Dungs LGW A2/A2P
  • Dungs LGW C2
  • Dungs LGW C3
  • Dungs ÜB NB A4

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