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20 Mar


PT Indira Dwi Mitra menyediakan Produk Pompa Kelas Internasional dengan kemampuan yang sangat baik akan tetapi dalam jenis pompa oil heater  diatas yang sangat banyak digunakan oleh industry di  Indonesia yaitu pompa oil KSB yang sangat terpopuler bahkan pompa oil KSB  memiliki proses sensor yang smart pada kelas proses

Bahkan pompa KSB dengan kapasitas yang sangat baik dan stabil dalam proses jalan nya kebutuhan para perusahaan besar dalam memproduksi kebutuhan produk industri mereka.

Etanorm syt-data pum oil heatr ksb  from  PT.INDIRA DWI MITRA

Heat Transfer Engineering – Reliable Products for Demanding Fluids

Pumps and valves play a major role in heat transfer and cooling circuits. KSB is the only manufacturer offering pumps and valves for heat transfer applications from a single source.

Vulkan_imgKSB’s broad product range for heat transfer engineering products and vast experience, KSB makes sure thermal oils are transported with zero leakage and costly downtimes are prevented.

Thermal oil technology gain significance in heat transfer systems

Whether warming up sand and gravel to producing concrete in the winter, no other method is as well-suited to a wide range of high temperature applications as thermal oil technology. Worldwide, thermal oils play a vital role in diverse processes integral to numerous industries from chemicals and pharmaceuticals to textiles, plastics and electronics. In applications this demanding, no other pumps and valves supplier can offer you KSB’s level of experience, quality products and service.


Etanorm SYT thermal oil pump

Etanorm SYT

Reliable and efficient operation: Etanorm SYT thermal oil pumps transport hot water as well as mineral and synthetic thermal oils with absolute reliability and top energy efficiency.

Etanorm SYTto Etanorm SYT



Straightforward and robust design: The new NORI 40 bellows-type valve is ideally suited to high-temperature heat transfer fluids. It stands for maximum reliability and optimum fluid flow.



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