PT. Indira Dwi Mitra - Fabrikasi boiler dan thermal oil heater Indonesia

Service Boiler,Burner,Coil Tube Boiler.


  • Cleaning Water side with Special Chemicals
  • Water side Neutralizer
  • Cleaning Fire Lane
  • Open/Setup Valves : Manhole|Handhole|Mobrey|Safety| Blowdown|Measure Glass
  • Burner Services/Repair
  • Automatic Control Panel Checking
  • Cleaning,Painting in/outside boile
  • Testing/Checking by Depnaker
  • (License for extend of use boiler)


  • Cleaning Water side with Special Chemicals
  • Opening old Fire Lane Pipe with Act. & O2
  • Cleaning/Enlarge Tube Plate
  • Unloading old Fire Lane Pipe
  • Boiler inside cleaning
  • Installment,Welding new Fire Lane Pipe
  • Cleaning,Painting in/outside boiler
  • CHydraulic Test
  • Thickness Test (If needed)
  • Testing/Checking by Depnaker
  • (License for extend of use boiler)


Modify the the old Burner system with a new, simpler , easy to care for and can save fuel and prevent the frequent occurrence of the damage and also it is easy on the spare part can be in the public market.

Modify the use of diesel fuel by using the residue is mixed with Heater Tube Heater , to reduce the cost of purchasing diesel fuel is more expensive and can save a lot more.

Modify or improving old Boiler becomes new boiler and Boiler spare parts complement incomplete or deficient / lost can be replaced with spare parts that are easily available and can be used as the original.



Installation of steam pipes and accessories such as : Steam Trap , Pressure Reducing Valve , a manometer , Check Valve , Steam Valves , Regulators Steam , Steam Sparator , etc. Including Pipe wrap of Steam Pipe.

Use of Steam Header ( Terminal Steam ) , to be used as a terminal of 2 or 3 Boiler for connecting the machine to factory.



Boiler repairs in the event of minor damage to the spare part / panel , small service that is setting the ignition and set the wind so no dirty pollution on Boiler.



Water filtration equipment to use boilers using Resin and with systems that can neutralize the water by way of regeneration and salt leaching by using pumps press.



Prevent the formation of scale and corrosion in boilers low pressure or high pressure.

Products in the form of a solution of Sodium Hydroxide



  • Sodium hydroxide alkalinity will accelerate hardness of magnesium , calcium retain silt and preventing the formation of crust Silica . Silt that sticks easily cleaned / disposed of through landfills, free of Boiler Scale and Rust.
  • This solution is used to adjust the pH in the cooling system

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