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Thermal Oil Heater- fabrikasi indonesia

23 Apr

Thermal Oil Heater- fabrikasi indonesia

Thermal Oil Heaters, type series IDM

IDM thermal oil heaters are sucessfully used for process heat generation within industrial plant operations in a wide range of industries. The basic oil heater product line can be supplemented with other components like steam and hot water systems.

IDM thermal oil heaters
 are characterized by the following features:

  • Tailor-made design to individual customer requirements
  • High efficiency which leads to low operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly due to low emissions

Of course IDM –plants and components comply with the highest of safety standards.

The IDM thermal oil heater IDM product line comprises:

  • Oil and natural gas fired thermal oil heaters with a capacity of 100 – 10,000kW
  • Electric heaters for smaller capacites

Traditional fuels such as heavy oil, light oil and natural gas as well as solid fuels like production waste and biomass can be used. Depending on the consistency biomass fuels can be burnt over dust burners or IDM developed grate firing systems.

The IDM combustion air preheater or economizer, which is fully compatible with IDM thermal oil heaters, helps to improve the system efficiency of the plants.

Measures for higher efficiency become more and more important as prices for fossil fuels increase. The additional invested capital will pay off within a short period of time, due to significantly reduced operating costs.

Auxiliary Equipment

For the completion of our plants we offer:

Emphasis is not only put on efficiency, but
also on operational reliability:

The burner will automatically switch off, should the maximum admissible thermal oil outlet
temperature or the flue-gas temperature after the heater be exceeded
In order to protect the thermal oil, the burner capacity is reduced during cold start until the
minimum temperature is exceeded. Following that, capacity output of the burner is increased
until reaching the setpoint value
The burner shuts down immediately if the pump stops running
To avoid over heating and thus damaging of the thermal oil, a minimum volume of the oil
must always flow through the heater. A flow control device approved for this type of installation
controls the minimum oil flow through every single pipe coil
The filling level of the thermal oil in the expansion tank is monitored by a float switch. If the
filling level is too low, the plant will switch off
If the plant is shut down, the circulation pump is operated for a certain period of time to
carry away heat that may have accumulated

We are engaged in four main business activities:

general industry
we are engaged in the design, fabrication, and installation of processing plant for general industry such as: pharmaceutical,food & beverages,chemicals,hotels,automotives,
waste water treatment plant,etc.Design, Fabrication, and Installation of processing plants for general industry such as: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Chemicals, Hotels, Automotives, Waste Water Treatment Plants, etc.
oil & gas industry
Design and Fabrication of Oil and Gas Processing Plants and Systems, Petrochemical, and Industrial Heating Equipment.
Agro Industry
Design, Fabrication and Installation of Processing Machineries in the Tea, Palm Oil, Rubber, Wood, Cocoa and other Agriculture Industries.

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