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thermal oil heater sistem

23 Mar

thermal oil heater sistem

Thermal post-combustion systems
Thermal treatment of exhaust from various deep-frying processes. Exhaust is thermally treated in a combustion chamber at combustion temperatures of 750 – 850 ° C.
After thermal treatment, the energy contained in the exhaust is recovered in a thermal oil boiler as well as via various means of exhaust and combustion air pre-heating and added to the frying process to heat up the cooking oil. This achieves optimum efficiency.
The output range is between 250 – 12,000 kW.
 Thermal oil evaporators
Cylindrical container in horizontal design with built-in heating flange or heating cartridges. Available as compact unit, including safety equipment for the generation of vaporous thermal oil for special applications.
Power range up to 500 kW and operating temperature range up to 350 degrees Celsius.
  Heat recovery systems / Economizers
Waste heat recovery systems, recuperators, economizers and air pre-heaters. Complete systems with bypass and control dampers internal/external as well as special cleaning systems based on the respective requirements in industrial processes. Available as vertical and horizontal models.
The design is based on the corresponding process parameters; coiled tubing systems, smooth bore tubes systems (U-tube) and
finned tube systems (U-tube) are possible.
Output range up to 10,000 kW and exhaust gas inlet temperature up to 1,500 ° C.
Operating temperature range:
  • Thermal oil up 300 ° C
  • Special models up to 350 ° C or 410 ° C
  • Warm water systems up to 110 ° C
  • Hot water systems up to 250 ° C
  • Air up to 250 ° C.
Secondary circuits
The models are adapted to the requirements of the respective production processes. Available for thermal oil, warm water and hot water. The secondary circuits can be deployed for heating as well as heating/cooling processes.
The right contact
Speed is one of our qualities of our service offering. We find solutions quickly in the event of malfunctions or standstills. We also provide spare parts immediately. If our services are required, we are directly available to provide for the secure, clean and efficient operation of systems.
Our services include:
  • Project management and construction of thermal systems (total systems and individual components)
  • Assembly and assembly monitoring
  • Commissioning
  • Spare parts supply
  • Annual thermal analysis in accordance with DIN
  • Error analysis / troubleshooting
  • Safety inspections
  • Conversion, retrofitting, optimization and modernization of your system
  • Renewable/replacement of systems
  • Training for the improvement of the safety and availability of the system
  • Concept studies for energy saving
We would be pleased to assist you. With our experience and know-how we master all challenges in heating technology and will be at your side to support you as your partner.  Do not hesitate to contact us:
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