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Weishoupt gas/oil burner

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Gas burners


Weishaupt gas burners WG10 to WG40
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WM 10 monarch® burners (55 -1250 kW) – versatile performance
PDF • 2.1 MB



WM 20 monarch® burners (150 -2600 kW) – compact and powerful
PDF • 2.3 MB



WM 30 monarch® burners (350 -6200 kW) – powerful and versatile
PDF • 1.6 MB



WM 50 monarch® burners – powerful and versatile
PDF • 1.3 MB



Industrial burners (1,000 – 11,700 kW) – versatile and reliable
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Weishaupt WKmono 80
PDF • 3.7 MB



WK40 to WK80 burners – 300 kW to 28,000 kW
PDF • 370.5 KB



Vertically firing monobloc burners
PDF • 2.1 MB



WM-G10 ZM-PLN and WM-G20 ZM-PLN monarch® burners
PDF • 4.6 MB



4LN version gas burners (with Flue Gas Recirculation)
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Gas, oil and dual-fuel burners

Burners founded Weishaupt’s reputation for uncompromising quality. Their efficiency and reliability are held in great esteem the world over.

Weishaupt energy technology

Weishaupt burners are recognized by the specialists as top-quality products. They are renowned for their sound construction, operational reliability and high efficiency. Put another way: That’s reliability.

Gas, oil and dual-fuel burners

Gas, oil and dual-fuel burners

Compact burners

Weishaupt’s compact burners are reliable, efficient and have proven themselves millions of times over in everyday operation. Their global success is the result of our unrelenting focus on quality.

Gas, oil and dual-fuel burners

Gas, oil and dual-fuel burners

Large and medium-sized burners

Weishaupt burners are valued the world over for their sound, high-quality construction. They are efficient and provide many years of service. The burners can be found on combustion plant in domestic, commercial and industrial settings, as well as performing well in challenging conditions outdoors and on the high seas. That’s reliability.

Gas, oil and dual-fuel burners

Gas, oil and dual-fuel burners

WK-series burners (up to 109,000 MBTU/h)


WKG40 gas burnerWKL80 oil burner

WKL80 oil burner

WK-series burners are Weishaupt’s most powerful burners. Rated up to 109,000 MBTU/h they have been designed primarily for heavy-duty industrial applications. They are are available as gas, oil or dual-fuel burners.

 Modular principle: The fan, control panel, pump station and pre-heater station are selected independently of the burner. This concept offers a high degree of flexibility, for example when dealing with difficult conditions such as dust or high ambient temperatures.

Digital combustion management: Digital combustion management, with which this series is equipped as standard, provides accurate control of the fuel and simplifies burner operation and maintenance. It also facilitates integration with various monitoring and controls systems, including complete building management systems.

Insulated burner housing: The internal insulation reduces noise levels and minimizes the surface temperature of the burner housing during operation with preheated combustion air. The burner can be operated with combustion air temperatures of up to 480 F (250 °C).

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